Jenn Hagan helps CEOs, entrepreneurs and high achievers to clarify their goals, improve their time management and utilize tools to be successful in both work and life.

In your initial call, you will work with Jenn to figure out which areas you would most like to focus.

Abundance, Wealth - Self-Worth.png
  • Increase productivity and income
  • Clarify what success really means
  • Develop deeper self-awareness
Recognition, Reputation - Social Life.png
  • Get recognition for your accomplishments
  • Define and boost your reputation

  • Enhance social engagement

Marriage, Relationships - Partnerships.png
  • Improve relationships

  • Have a sounding board and receive feedback

  • Increase motivation and accountability

Creativity, Legacy - Fun.png
  • Accomplish a dream
  • Determine how to leave one’s legacy
  • Develop new ways to enhance quality of life
Health, Good Fortune - Unity.png
  • Implement healthy habits
  • Determine proactive solutions
  • Integrate aspects of life
Career, Life Mission - Individuality.png
  • Start a new career or enhance existing one
  • Discern ways to live a more fulfilled life
  • Design a plan that includes both business and personal goals
Wisdom, Rest - Self Care.png
  • Make substantial personal change
  • Remove blockages—move forward in something that has been put off for too long
  • Streamline – overcome chaos to create a simpler, more enriching and organized life
Family, Community - Foundation.png
  • Balance work, family and community

  • Cultivate a community that fully supports you

  • Work on personal foundation

Spiritual Guides, Travel - Support.png
  • Discover how to live out passions and values

  • Deepen sense of purpose and spirituality

  • Find direction and support in transition