Jenn is a pillar of the community who really shines when she is at work and doing her best.  She is a pleasure to work with and is not just a “yes person”—she will come up with creative solutions to meet your needs, even if you don’t realize right away what the best solution is.  For example, I had a company event and had a few places in mind to hold it, but Jenn steered me towards another venue I would have never considered, but [this location] proved to be the perfect place and the event stands out in my mind to this day, years later, as one of the most memorable and positive celebrations that I can remember.   Jenn helps make sure that “magical” serendipity of bringing everything together happens perfectly.

I actually pulled up a quick note I wrote to Jenn from my mobile phone three years ago right after the party (in addition to thanking her profusely in person).  My reaction then says it all: “Everyone, and I mean everyone, told me what a wonderful time they had the party. Thanks again so much for your help. You were so right about the location and everything–it was perfect. Thank you Jenn!
— Mike Ghaffary, CEO, Yelp Eat 24

Jenn Hagan personifies the gold standard of excellence.  Jennifer’s impeccable attention to detail, creative resources and strategic planning has taken the awareness of our Baptiste Power of Yoga™ events to a new level exceeding expectations. Through her efforts, there has been a heightened visibility for Baptiste Power of Yoga™ and all of the events and trainings that we offer. I am grateful to her and will continue to work with her in the future to strategically enhance potential participant awareness and registrations.
— Sherri Baptiste, Founder and Owner, Baptiste Power of Yoga™

“We have worked with Jenn Hagan over the past year to help launch and grow our small business. Prior to opening our doors to the public, Jenn helped plan and execute a marketing/PR strategy to get the word out about our new venture. With her extensive list of contacts, she reached out to the community to promote our opening through an email campaign and personal phone calls.

After our opening, we have continued to meet and strategize with Jenn on marketing concepts, personnel issues, and goals for the future. She has been an invaluable resource to our growing business. She is always available to discuss any issue that arises – she promptly replies to emails and phone calls, and often makes the trip out to our business to meet with us in person.

We highly recommend Jenn’s services. She is very organized, dependable, passionate and has great ideas to contribute to any business.
— Jennifer & Jim Telford, Owners, Residual Sugar Wine Bar + Merchant + ROOFTOP

My name is Conor Flaherty and I have had the privilege of working with Jennifer Hagan for two years at a real estate investment firm, Seaview Ventures, LLC.  I worked closely with Jennifer during my two years at Seaview Ventures, LLC, and quickly learned that Jennifer was smart,
organized, hard-working, and a fantastic manager.   

Jennifer is special however, because she is the most reliable person I have ever met.  Jennifer was reliable, even when I didn’t realize that I was relying on her.   She makes sure everything for the entire organization is taken care of, and everything is done properly. In short, she is the type of person that makes the difference for a successful business, group, or organization.

Jennifer also stands out because she can take on a variety of difficult tasks including financial analysis, interfacing with lawyers, and handling tech related problems.  While not a specialist in any of those fields, Jennifer is incredibly smart and can quickly understand a complicated problem and what needs to get done.   Jennifer regularly handles distributions to investors for a complicated, multi-return-level fund. In dealing with evictions and other legal issues, Jennifer had to work with the lawyers, brokers, and employees to coordinate a complicated and convoluted evictions process.  Each of the aforementioned groups speak their own “language” in the sense that there are a lot of technical terms and jargon, to the extent that it makes it difficult for an individual who is not in that field to understand.  Jennifer had no problems deciphering the languages, figuring out what the problems were, and making sure they were handled properly.

A major part of Jennifer’s time involves handling other people’s problems and mistakes.  It is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating positions because it is often times thankless, and because she typically deals with people who are already in a bad mood.  Despite this, Jennifer is always very calm and positive.  It might not seem like a big deal to stay calm and positive in those situations, but I promise that it makes all the difference.  Whenever I made a mistake, I would go to Jennifer because I knew she could and would fix it.  If there hadn’t been someone like Jennifer I would have been more likely to not address the problem, which would have been detrimental to the organization.  Jennifer creates a synergistic effect with her colleagues.
Jennifer’s credentials should speak volumes.  I could not have more confidence in recommending a person for any job or industry.
— Connor Flaherty, Vice President of Acquisitions, Silver Bay Property Corporation

Jenn is warm, genuine, and effective.   She brought publicity to our film, (UNTITLED), secured wine sponsors, helped organize a promotional party at the Stephen Wolf Gallery in San Francisco and an after-party for the film’s premiere at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  Due to Jenn’s efforts the film received additional press including a mention in San Francisco Magazine.
— Catherine DiNapoli, Writer, Director, Producer, Parker Film Company

Jenn has handled multiple events for us over the last few years, and most recently, my 300-guest wedding at City Hall.  Jenn did a great job for me.  She is thorough, thinking of all the things you just never think about; she is very easy to work with and all my vendors found her to be a great facilitator.  She is reasonably-priced and actually came in under budget for her time on the wedding.  Most importantly for me, I felt like I could relax and enjoy things knowing Jenn was taking care of vendor negotiation and timing, scheduling for the bridal party and four parts of the various family groups, etc.  I heard she worked in the production end of the Golden Globes last weekend so she’s definitely swimming in the deep end of the pool.
— Drexel Bradshaw, Founding Partner, Bradshaw & Associates

Jenn is a fantastic outreach partner. We have worked with Jenn Hagan time and again because she never ceases to introduce new audiences to our work.  Her followers are loyal, fun and committed to philanthropic causes.
— Shannon Farley, Executive Director, Spark

I’ve worked with Jenn Hagan for over three years and have found her to be one of the most professional and well organized partners that I’ve worked with. Additionally her network is eager to try new things and has the spending power to do so.
— Liz Brusca, Marketing Director, San Francisco Bay Guardian